Well, neither did I. The Parisian fashion house did, in 2003, released a Windows handheld PC as part of the label’s 25th Anniversary Collection. Obviously, the computer was not made by LV itself; it was made by NEC CustomTechnica, Ltd. The device did however get the look and feel of LV – courtesy of the brand’s iconic Damier Ebene check print with a lone LV branding on the exterior.

Also unique to this device was a leather shoulder strap that allows it to be carried in a fashionable manner. I think? On the inside, it gets a QWERTY keyboard in dark brown colorway contrasted bright orange characters which also main color of the space bar.

The device further features magnetic closure and a headphone jack, and comes with a stylus and wall charger. Apparently, it only runs when plugged in, even though it appeared to sport a battery. Perhaps, age has caught up with this piece of tech. After all, this thing is over a decade and a half year-old.

Louis Vuitton Handheld Windows Computer

This device has come to our attention recently after Texan rapper Travis Scott posted an image of it on his Instagram which was subsequently picked up by Highsnobiety.

Now for the good news. This Louis Vuitton Miniature Windows Computer may be 16 year old, but if you are willing to drop the money, you can still buy one. That said, you can pick up the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Handheld Computer for $2,500 from What Goes Around Comes Around.

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However, do note that it is a Japanese set which means, in only functions in Japanese. Also, What Goes Around Comes Around can’t guarantee its full functionality. But you can’t be seriously thinking of strutting around with this and actually using it? I am sure any of today’s smartphone can outperform it in any task and also do tasks that it can’t. I mean, both you and I know that is 100 percent true.

Images: What Goes Around Comes Around.

Source: Highsnobiety.

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