rolling along with a skateboard is almost a form of transport. almost because they ain’t no storage unless you lug along a backpack or something, but with the BriefSkate, it provides you will a space within the deck for storage that’s roomy enough for an iPad, iPhone, a deck of cards, pens or whatever you can think of. nope. laptop can’t fit it there, but i guess that’s good enough for average folks and it looks like it has a lined interior to prevent scratches to your possession stashed within. all you need to do is to pop open the hinged top deck with secure click closure on this 29-inch skateboard, stash whatever you want that fits in there and you are good to roll. though, possibly at the trade off for ollie and rail grind, or basically anything that will introduce shock all throughout the board which will bound to shake up whatever items that are inside.

i guess that’s more for pens and cards, but not so for gadgets. the BriefSkate is yet to be available and we heard it is going on Kickstarter, but exactly when, we are not sure. we certainly hope when it turns up on Kickstarter, or better still, direct sale, it will have options for some cradle or cushion of sort for electronic gadgets, else you’d be prepared to hear a lot of commotion from within your deck as you cruise along less-than-even pavements or roads. take a few more look in the image gallery after the break.

BriefSkate via werd.

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