we rely on Photoshop to get basic graphics editing done and in our experience, these ‘basics’ functions already have us overwhelmed with shortcut keys which, more often than not, we fail to remember. end of the day, we still find ourselves spending time going through the stacks of menus to get to what we want. not a good idea, especially if you are a graphics designer who uses a ton more of such shortcuts. while any graphics designers can go through the same thing like we do, wouldn’t it be more awesome if what you need, such as filters, tools and more, can be execute at a touch of a key? that’s exactly what the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard For Adobe Photoshop has to offer.

it is packed with a whopping 319 individual keys offering 372 functions, categorized and grouped into different colors for one-glance access, which makes it easy to use for beginners, more creativity for intermediate users and said to give professional users at least 30 percent boost in productivity. well… perhaps after a few practices because, after all, having 316 keys is not a small number, but nevertheless, it sure beats trying to remember the different key combo, or scrolling through the myriad of menus to get a particular function. the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard For Graphics Design works with Photoshop Editions starting from CS3 and supports both PC and Mac machines.

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the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard is now on Kickstarter, seeking $185K to fund the production of the keyboards. a pledge of $89 or more will secure yourself one SHORTCUT-S Keyboard For Adobe Photoshop – if the campaign hits it set funding goal. check out a lighthearted pitch video to learn more. pay special attention to 5:08. if that don’t make you laugh or at least put a smile on your face, you are totally cold.

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