a few months on after the PowerShot N was announced, Canon is already serving up a new edition of this pretty, square compact shooter: the Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera. i guess the product name pretty much says what it is. for starter, this Facebook Ready edition shares all the hardware aspects as the original N, but with the addition of a Facebook Connect button that allows for instant sharing of your captured images at a press of a button. naturally, a one-time set-up has to be carried out before you can do the whole one-touch upload thing. the Facebook sharing feature allows you to control the destination of the uploads by choosing to share the digital content with everyone, or to select Facebook groups. of course, the Facebook share button don’t just work miraculously; there’s also built-in WiFi for that to happen.

with the WiFi capability, it also enables you to upload the images wirelessly from the camera to Canon iMage Gateway, or to your computer remotely, and also opens up the possibility of wireless printing using Wireless PictBridge on select printers. interestingly, with this camera, you can even comment on your uploaded photos directly on the device, though we suspect it could be quite a daunting task to be typing in sentences on a 2.8-inch touchscreen. the Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera sure sounds like the must-have for social network addicts, but it also signify the end of “can I borrow your camera” era. why? cos’ i am not about to let others “accidentally” upload their photos to my personal Facebook account. the Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera is available for pre-order as we speak through Canon Direct for $299.99 a pop.

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Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera

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