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In Future, Facebook May Make Your Still Profile Image Come Alive

There is something about animating a still portrait, however subtle the animation might be, that intrigues everyone. Unlike absolute still image, an animated portrait seems a whole lot more interactive and hence, a lot less monotonous. It literally breathes life into an otherwise mundane, motionless picture. This is perhaps the reason why we have Apple Live Photos and Google Motion Photos. But those are essentially super short video clip and it is pulled off during imaging, which means, nothing can be done with still images that are not captured with Live Photo or Motion Photo. What researchers over at Tel Aviv University have cooked up is a lot more advanced. Continue reading In Future, Facebook May Make Your Still Profile Image Come Alive

Whatsapp Update Shares Info With Facebook And Here’s How To Opt Out

Ever since Facebook’s acquisition, Whatsapp has evolved quite a lot, mostly for the good, though not every update it pushes out put a smile in everyone’s face. And this latest update is bound to draw flak from users. While the incorporation of Whatsapp Calling, end-to-end encryption, and Whatsapp web and desktop are seen as welcome additions, the updated Terms and Privacy Policy that came with this latest update may not go down well with a lot of folks. Back then when Whatsapp was acquired by the social media giant, it pledged to remain independent of its new parent company, but now, things have took a turn with the new terms and privacy policy now stating that it (Whatsapp) will be sharing some user data with Facebook, along with “any of our other family.” Continue reading Whatsapp Update Shares Info With Facebook And Here’s How To Opt Out

Mevo Is The First Camera For Facebook Live, Boasts Real-time Editing

When you think of homemade videos, you probably think of YouTube and not Facebook. Not surprisingly, as Facebook is, after all, a social media platform for friends and family to connect and for businesses to interact with their stakeholders and customers. So, will be video as big of a hit as YouTube. Probably not. Why? Facebook, at this point, is known more for reshared videos, some with dubious origin. But what if Facebook wants to have a piece of this video hosting pie? Well, it seems like Live stream is the answer and hence, the introduction of Facebook Live. YouTube already supports Live stream but so far, only big corporations actually utilize it, while in the case of Facebook Live, it wants to reach to everybody else and the first camera that supports Facebook Live is this little guy here called Mevo Facebook Live Camera. Continue reading Mevo Is The First Camera For Facebook Live, Boasts Real-time Editing

Facebook Introduces Surround 360, An Open-source, 3D-360 Video Camera

If you think Samsung’s obsession with immersive contents is over the top, then you obviously have no idea Facebook is hatching an even bolder 360 immersion plan. For Facebook, the hardware for immersion is already there and now it needs you to make the contents for it and now, it has the right tool to help you to do so. It is called Facebook Surround 360. While it may sounds like a surround speaker, the Surround 360 is actually a 3D-360 video capture system. It is essentially an array of cameras, comprising fourteen outward pointing cameras on the horizontal ring with a Fisheye lens camera on top and two at the bottom. Continue reading Facebook Introduces Surround 360, An Open-source, 3D-360 Video Camera

How To Download Facebook Paper App Outside Of The U.S.

It has been about 10 months since Facebook Paper goes official, but it is still not available to everyone outside of the United States. But why should you get Facebook Paper? Well, all we have to say is this: if you haven’t been using Facebook Paper, you don’t know what you have missed. For the uninitiated, Facebook Paper is an additional standalone mobile app by NASDAQ-listed social network giant that presents your usual Facebook feed in beautiful magazine style, along with a few nifty features to make your feed consumption a more magazine-like experience. In short, you can say Facebook Paper is a direct competition to Flipboard. Continue reading How To Download Facebook Paper App Outside Of The U.S.

LaMetric Lets You View Information That Matters At A Glance, On Your Desk

with smartphones, information, friends and business associates are just a few touches away, but if you need information at a glance without pulling out your smart device or firing up websites or apps on the computer, then LaMetric Customizable Smart Ticker is the gadget of choice for you. LaMetric is like the Fliike we saw last year, but only ‘smarter’. it goes beyond displaying the number of ‘Likes’ on your Facebook fan page, letting you customize to show the calendar of the day and alert you of anniversary dates and stuff, displays temperature or weather forecast, feed you with news or stock information, and more – all in a sleek, digital ticker that sits on your desk. what LaMetric can display is whatever you can throw at it, which really takes information at a glance to a whole new level. Continue reading LaMetric Lets You View Information That Matters At A Glance, On Your Desk

Likebook Facebook Timeline in a Book

behold the new age of scrapbooking and you don’t even need to leave a finger to do that. we are talking about the Likebook, a Facebook Timeline contained in a physical book that you can, well, make it as your coffee table book to satisfy the egoistic maniac in you. i don’t have anything useful on my timeline, just a bunch of junks that i shared with whoever cares to know and anyone who has yet to have me filtered out from their page by Facebook’s EdgeRank, and so, the Likebook, though sounds enticing, is not for me. however, for the rest who have a bunch of digital “what’s happening” on their Facebook account, the Likebook seems like a brilliant idea. at the very least, you know you will have a physical record in case Facebook decides to bar you from using them or whatever, plus we kind of like the idea of mixing photos with texts such as quotations, your thoughts and stuff which makes the Likebook so magazine-like. Continue reading Likebook Facebook Timeline in a Book

Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera

a few months on after the PowerShot N was announced, Canon is already serving up a new edition of this pretty, square compact shooter: the Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera. i guess the product name pretty much says what it is. for starter, this Facebook Ready edition shares all the hardware aspects as the original N, but with the addition of a Facebook Connect button that allows for instant sharing of your captured images at a press of a button. naturally, a one-time set-up has to be carried out before you can do the whole one-touch upload thing. the Facebook sharing feature allows you to control the destination of the uploads by choosing to share the digital content with everyone, or to select Facebook groups. of course, the Facebook share button don’t just work miraculously; there’s also built-in WiFi for that to happen. Continue reading Canon PowerShot N Facebook Ready Digital Camera

Fliike – Physical Facebook ‘Like’ Counter

so you have store or business with a Facebook page and you are probably proud of the number of ‘Like’ you have gotten so far. so what? your walk in customer to your brick and mortar store won’t know, well, that’s what the Fliike by Smiirl aims to solve. Fliike is a link between your Facebook page to your storefront and as you can tell from the above image, it is physical Facebook ‘Like’ counter that shows the number of ‘Like’ on your Facebook page – in real time. we think it is totally awesome. not just because it displays the number of likes, but it comes in a form of an elegantly crafted wood and plastic chassis with numbers displayed using the good old split flap style (yea. we have ’nuff of digital stuff. so yes. split flap is a refreshing change). Continue reading Fliike – Physical Facebook ‘Like’ Counter

HTC First with Facebook Home

are you obsessed with Facebook? like, really, really obsessed? then the HTC First with Facebook Home is the smartphone of choice for you. though handsets that centers around Facebook are not new, the HTC First stands out as one that has a little more influence. so how will Facebook Home benefits your obsession with Facebook? first and foremost, it puts your social circle’s latest updates right smack on your home screen, letting you feed on the latest updates and photo uploads in real-time without having to touch the app or access its mobile website. there is no app to download, all you need to do is sign in for the first time and you are always connected to your circle on Facebook. Continue reading HTC First with Facebook Home