This Is Portal, A Facebook Video Chat Camera No One Asks For

Apparently, video chat is such a big deal that it calls for Facebook to development of dedicated hardware for the sole purpose of video calling. The social media network giant has has announced on Saturday a pair of video chat devices called Portal and Portal+. No. Portal is nothing sci-fi-ish. It will not port you […]

Facebook Wants To Use Photos To Create “Walkable” 3D Spaces

I recall there was a sci-fi flick where some alien race on Earth uses a futuristic panel that, when pointed at a particular area, displays what had happened previously in that particular location. It is a tech is thankfully not real, but we are probably not far from it either. During Facebook‘s annual F8 conference […]

Augmented Reality In Facebook Messenger Is A New Age Of Advertising

Well, I bet you didn’t see this coming. Facebook is finally leveraging on Facebook Messenger to let businesses to reach out to consumers. Messenger has not been pulling in revenue for Facebook, which does make sense for a business entity (but make sense for consumers). But not anymore. At the social media company’s F8 Developer […]

Facebook Dating Is Facebook’s Answer To Tinder… With A 2.2B Active Pool

You knew this is coming, don’t you? With a platform rich with personal data, you knew one day Facebook is going to get into the Dating business. Well, if you have foretold this, then give yourself pat on the back. You got it right. The CEO himself, Mark Zuckerberg, made the announcement during the company’s […]

In Future, Facebook May Make Your Still Profile Image Come Alive

There is something about animating a still portrait, however subtle the animation might be, that intrigues everyone. Unlike absolute still image, an animated portrait seems a whole lot more interactive and hence, a lot less monotonous. It literally breathes life into an otherwise mundane, motionless picture. This is perhaps the reason why we have Apple […]

Whatsapp Update Shares Info With Facebook And Here’s How To Opt Out

Ever since Facebook’s acquisition, Whatsapp has evolved quite a lot, mostly for the good, though not every update it pushes out put a smile in everyone’s face. And this latest update is bound to draw flak from users. While the incorporation of Whatsapp Calling, end-to-end encryption, and Whatsapp web and desktop are seen as welcome […]

Mevo Is The First Camera For Facebook Live, Boasts Real-time Editing

When you think of homemade videos, you probably think of YouTube and not Facebook. Not surprisingly, as Facebook is, after all, a social media platform for friends and family to connect and for businesses to interact with their stakeholders and customers. So, will be video as big of a hit as YouTube. Probably not. Why? […]

Facebook Introduces Surround 360, An Open-source, 3D-360 Video Camera

If you think Samsung’s obsession with immersive contents is over the top, then you obviously have no idea Facebook is hatching an even bolder 360 immersion plan. For Facebook, the hardware for immersion is already there and now it needs you to make the contents for it and now, it has the right tool to […]

How To Download Facebook Paper App Outside Of The U.S.

It has been about 10 months since Facebook Paper goes official, but it is still not available to everyone outside of the United States. But why should you get Facebook Paper? Well, all we have to say is this: if you haven’t been using Facebook Paper, you don’t know what you have missed. For the […]

LaMetric Lets You View Information That Matters At A Glance, On Your Desk

with smartphones, information, friends and business associates are just a few touches away, but if you need information at a glance without pulling out your smart device or firing up websites or apps on the computer, then LaMetric Customizable Smart Ticker is the gadget of choice for you. LaMetric is like the Fliike we saw […]