drawstring backpack has never been our cuppa, mainly because of two things: we hate to spend time balancing the cord that got unbalanced after a few tucks, and the mere act of opening such bag requires us to dig in and ply it open (does sore fingers sound familiar?). needless to say, both are hassles which should never have existed. granted they are small ‘issues’, but those are enough to turn us off and gave up on drawstring backpack altogether. nobody actually bothers to solve these seemingly minute issues – until now. the Drawstring Backpack by Mochibags is crafted from water repellent nylon and has two features that will eliminated the drawbacks associated with a typical drawstring backpack once and for all.

the first is a patented Channel Anchored Drawstrings that ensure the soft-to-touch marine ropes will always stay balanced, all the time regardless how many times of opening and closing you put it through. secondly, a patented Easy Pull-Open Handles allow you to open the bag swiftly just by, well, pulling the handles apart. these handles can be bucketed together and doubles as a handy carrying handle, or for looping your other essentials such as towels, tees or whatever. but that’s not all; it has a whole lot more features like premium metal hardware, a thoughtful D-Ring for hooking up stuff like water bottle and such, and an external deep zipper pocket for your small items – conveniently located at the side seam.

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the deal sweetener is probably the price: the Drawstring Backpack by Mochibags can be yours to own for just $25 each. premium materials, quality crafted in the good’ol US of A, and at price that hardly hurt your wallet. seriously, what more could anyone ask? more look and a pitch video after the break.

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