GoPro is primary an action cam. everyone knows that. however, with a development of rig like this Gyromatic Go2X GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer you see here, the application of the GoPro can go beyond then mounting on your helmet or on your ride’s bonnet. the product name does sounds a little intimidating for those just getting into the field of sports videography, but don’t let this back you away from this rig that could potentially make you a pro sports videographer. created by Australia-based Gyromatic, the Go2X is designed and calibrated for GoPro 3 with the weatherproof case, this handy rig is made using a combination of CNC plastic tooling, 3D printing as well as injection moulding process.

features include integrated legs, rubber grip, mobile device support stand that could accommodate an iPhone or Android device (for use as your GoPro wireless viewfinder), a balanced gimbal assembly, two custom made rewound brushless motors with controller, an inertial measurement unit or IMU, and a 1/4″ standard tripod thread for fitment to a tripod or monopod if necessary. there are two models available for your choosing: the Go2X and the Go2X Pro. the latter has everything the Go2X has with the addition of a “thumbstick” which allows you to manipulate teh camera angle in both pitch and roll manually, and also doubles as a push button menu system for selecting the various operational profiles. our words can’t do true justice to what this handy videography rig could do – all we can say that the Gyromatic Go2X GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer certainly will make any non-pro becomes a pro videographer and also allows an awesome action camera to be used beyond its intended applications.

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Gyromatic has taken this awesome invention to crowdfunding platform INDIE GOGO, seeking 25 grand for the tooling of the Gyromatic Go2X GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer. its maker has chose the “flexible funding” campaign which means the Gyromatic Go2X GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer will be a done deal regardless of whether the project meets the set funding goal or not. you can secure yourself one by making a pledge of $550 for the Go2X or $650 for the Pro model.

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