Bowers & Wilkins MT-50 and MT-60D Mini Theater

Bowers and Wilkins Mini Theater
(photos: B&W) Bowers & Wilkins MT-50 and MT-60D Mini Theater | US$tba |

as a style-conscious home theater enthusiast, you probably would be concerned with how your 5.1 system looks as much as how it sounds. we have see a plethora of 5.1 systems in the market but not many can claim a look that matches its sound. the new Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theater just happens to be one of the few that can probably stake its claim on both the look and sound department. designed around its updated M-1 compact speaker, the new Mini Theater is available in two versions: the more affordable MT-50 and the higher-end MT-60D. differentiating between the two is the subwoofer used: the MT-50 is coupled with the ASW608 subwoofer, while the MT-60D is joined in holy matrimony with the PV1D subwoofer. the M-1 speakers feature its own desktop stand (floor stands are optional) with discreet wiring, Nautilus tweeter, and a redesigned bass/mid-range driver with Anti-Resonance Plug. the Bowers & Wilkins MT-50 and MT-60D Mini Theater cost $1,750 and $2,950, respectively. however, if you prefer to go on the mix and match route, these components are available for purchase separately with the M-1 monitors going for $250 a pop, while the subwoofer ASW608 and PV1D will set you back at $500 and $1,700, respectively. if you can’t wait to get your hands on these awesome HT system, the good news is, they should be shipping as we speak. check it out with your local Bowers & Wilkins retailers for more information.

Bowers & Wilkins via Electronista

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