The Spinner 360° Motorizer by Lomography

The Spinner 360° Motorizer
(photos: Lomography) The Spinner 360° Motorizer | US$179.00 |

you know the Spinner 360°? the cool analog camera that allows you to take breathtaking panorama images with a tug of a string? obviously, tugging is not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey and that’s why there is the The Spinner 360° Motorizer. yeap. a motorized attachment for your Spinner 360° that takes the tugging chore out of your Spinner experience and it even comes with a remote so that you can activate the Spinner from a distance. The Spinner 360° Motorizer features two modes: single shot and unlimited spin modes. though it is worthy to note that its price tag of $179 does not include the Spinner 360° camera. more look after the break.

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