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CENTR Puts Real-Time Panoramic Video In The Palm of Your Hand

panoramic video camera is not new, but the CENTR Camera here stands out as one that’s capable of capturing 4K resolution and still fits in the palm of your hand. created by a team of former Apple engineers, the technology behind the CENTR Camera has already seen real world uses in the military and major sports channels and now, after three years of dedication, that technology is being packed into a splash-proof hockey puck-shaped device that fits right in the palm of your hand and ready for everyday people to experience the awesomeness of real-time panoramic videos. the device uses four 1080p cameras to capture and stitch together 360-degree video at up to 60 fps in real-time using the firm’s proprietary software. apart from 360-degree videoing, it is also fully capable of doing 20MP time-lapse panoramic photography and allows for individual camera selection for times when you don’t need to shoot in all directions. i believe, the latter is also the first in the industry which makes this a true everyday camera and not just one that’s for everyone. Continue reading CENTR Puts Real-Time Panoramic Video In The Palm of Your Hand

Bublcam 360-degree Camera

taking panorama stills and videos are like a dream for all imaging enthusiasts. it was a dream because true panorama is never available without breaking an arm or a leg, and obviously, those you taken with your smartphone hardly qualifies as a “true panorama” (just look at those awful stitching!). lucky for you, there’s the Bublcam 360-degree Camera, a baseball-size spherical imaging device that takes 14MP stills, as well as videos at 1080p at 15 fps and 720p at 30 fps, and at a price point no more than an average point and shoot camera. a unique patent-pending tetrahedral design allows the four 190-degree lens to overlap, thereby eliminating any possibility of blind spots which in turn, result in breathtaking, seamless spherical images and videos. Continue reading Bublcam 360-degree Camera

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

you might have heard of the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, the revolutionary imaging device, shaped like a ball, that automatically captures 360-degree panoramas at the peak of its toss. and that was two years ago where it was still a prototype, but today, the time is ripe for average consumers’ taking and it now has an official product name too. dubbed the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera, this consumer-ready panorama photography device is a whole lot more handy than its soccer ball size prototype too, but yet maintains the same awesome we have read and witness two years ago, including 36 numbers of 2.0-megapixel fixed-focus cameras with a total resolution of 72MP, built-in accelerometer, plus a slew of proprietary circuitry that allows it (and by ‘it’, we mean all the 36 cameras) to take a panoramic stills while in the air. Continue reading Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

Lomography BELAIR X 6-12 Camera

Lomography BELAIR X 6-12 City Slicker
Lomography BELAIR X 6-12 Camera | from US$249.00 | www.lomography.com

we bet you didn’t think there’s anymore innovation in analog camera, do you? to be honest, we thought the same too but the king of modern day analog cameras, Lomography has proved us wrong with the BELAIR X 6-12, a new medium-format camera that captures 6×12 (hence, the namesake) sweet panoramic photos, 6×6 square, as well as 6×9 format photos. available in three designs: City Slicker – a sleek all-black camera, Jetsetter – a silver metal camera with brown leather coat and Globetrotter Continue reading Lomography BELAIR X 6-12 Camera

Horizon Perfekt Panorama Camera

Horizon Perfekt Panorama Camera
(photos: Lomography) Horizon Perfekt Panorama Camera | US$449.00 | www.lomography.com

who doesn’t love panorama camera? they let you capture a wider angle of view so that you can reminiscent your experience in its glorious, full 120 degrees. while, today’s advanced digital camera can do the same but as a tribute to this 60-year old photography form, isn’t fitting to go back to its root by using an analog panorama camera like the Horizon Perfekt? housed in “space-age” ABS plastic, this professional panoramic camera features full aperture (from f/2.8 to ween f/16) and shutter settings (from lightning fast 1/500 sec to slow 1/2 sec) for exposure control, multicoated glass OF-28P swing lens with full 120 degrees of vision, quiet and battery-less operation, cable release, tripod thread, and extra fat hand grips that offer you the grip necessary for a beautiful panoramic shot. Continue reading Horizon Perfekt Panorama Camera

The Spinner 360° Motorizer by Lomography

The Spinner 360° Motorizer
(photos: Lomography) The Spinner 360° Motorizer | US$179.00 | www.lomography.com

you know the Spinner 360°? the cool analog camera that allows you to take breathtaking panorama images with a tug of a string? obviously, tugging is not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey and that’s why there is the The Spinner 360° Motorizer. yeap. a motorized attachment for your Spinner 360° that takes the tugging chore out of your Spinner experience and it even comes with a remote so that you can activate the Spinner from a distance. The Spinner 360° Motorizer features two modes: single shot and unlimited spin modes. though it is worthy to note that its price tag of $179 does not include the Spinner 360° camera. more look after the break. Continue reading The Spinner 360° Motorizer by Lomography

Lomography Spinner 360° Leather Edition

Lomography Spinner 360° Leather Edition
(photos: Lomography) Lomography Spinner 360° Leather Edition }US$149.00 | www.lomography.com

we can’t have 360° vision but that doesn’t mean we can’t photographs in that all-round perspective. i am sure Lomography fans have heard of the Spinner 360° that offers just such amazing photography experience. nothing new indeed but not if this lovely analog contraption now comes wrapped in Italian Toledo leather for the added glamor and class when you do your sweeping analog shots. under the hood, it still delivers the same fun panoramic photography as the original Spinner 360°: simply pull the ripcord and let the Spinner 360° spins, taking in eight sweeping shots on any 35mm film. no stitching, no complicated software or whatsoever to fiddle with – it is just plain fun analog panoramic photography in a classier chassis. Continue reading Lomography Spinner 360° Leather Edition

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera – just throw and shoot

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera 900x900px
Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera | US$tba | jonaspfeil.de

camera will remain as camera and as such, the words ‘concept camera’ is not something we often hear in the imaging world but that’s exactly what the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera is. in a nutshell, this concept camera (with working prototype, i might add) that is shaped and handles like a ball, comprises of 36 fixed-focus 2.0-megapixels mobile phone camera modules mounted in a robust, 3D-printed enclosure that is foam padded, and has built-in accelerometer and a bunch of proprietary circuitry which enables the ball to take a panoramic snap while it is in the air. yes, the idea is that you have to throw this baby up into the sky and the built-in accelerometer will calculate its launch acceleration and initiate a panoramic still image capturing when the ball reaches its highest point – when it’s hardly moving. Continue reading Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera – just throw and shoot

Lomography introduces four new colorful Sprocket Rocket

Lomography Sprocket Rocket Superpop Edition
Lomography Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! | US$89.00 | www.lomography.com

Lomography was quick to introduce the White Edition Sprocket Rocket analog camera after the debut of the original Sprocket Rocket, and it’s back with the SUPERPOP! edition that’s reek with fun-fill freshness. the SUPERPOP! edition bears all the qualities and features of the original Sprocket Rocket but with the added colorful paint job. four hues are available for your taking: Superpop Blue, Superpop Orange, Superpop Green and Superpop Yellow. unfortunately, rainbow color is not on the menu. the Lomography Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! is up for grab now for $89 a (super)pop. Continue reading Lomography introduces four new colorful Sprocket Rocket

Lomography Sprocket Rocket now comes in white

Lomography Sprocket Rocket White Edition 544x358px
(credit: Lomography) Lomography Sprocket Rocket White Edition | US$101.17 | www.lomography.com

you gotta give it to Lomography for the ability to refresh their products so regularly. last year we featured the Lomography Sprocket Rocket panorama camera and today, Lomography announced yet another sprocket, this time in all white body. some may sneer at this lame ‘refreshment’ but avid analog panorama photography fans will be glad that they have yet another color option. the truth is, black isn’t for everyone. the Lomography Sprocket Rocket White Edition is released in honor of the Lomography Exhibition at the Times Square Hong Kong, effectively, making this the “HK Times Square Edition”. Continue reading Lomography Sprocket Rocket now comes in white