CENTR Puts Real-Time Panoramic Video In The Palm of Your Hand

panoramic video camera is not new, but the CENTR Camera here stands out as one that’s capable of capturing 4K resolution and still fits in the palm of your hand. created by a team of former Apple engineers, the technology behind the CENTR Camera has already seen real world uses in the military and major …

Bublcam 360-degree Camera

taking panorama stills and videos are like a dream for all imaging enthusiasts. it was a dream because true panorama is never available without breaking an arm or a leg, and obviously, those you taken with your smartphone hardly qualifies as a “true panorama” (just look at those awful stitching!). lucky for you, there’s the Bublcam 360-degree Camera, a baseball-size spherical imaging device

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

you might have heard of the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, the revolutionary imaging device, shaped like a ball, that automatically captures 360-degree panoramas at the peak of its toss. and that was two years ago where it was still a prototype, but today, the time is ripe for average consumers’ taking and it now has an official product name too.

Lomography BELAIR X 6-12 Camera

we bet you didn’t think there’s anymore innovation in analog camera, do you? to be honest, we thought the same too but the king of modern day analog cameras, Lomography has proved us wrong with the BELAIR X 6-12, a new medium-format camera that captures 6×12 (hence, the namesake) sweet panoramic photos, 6×6 square, as well as 6×9 format photos…

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