you might have heard of the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, the revolutionary imaging device, shaped like a ball, that automatically captures 360-degree panoramas at the peak of its toss. and that was two years ago where it was still a prototype, but today, the time is ripe for average consumers’ taking and it now has an official product name too. dubbed the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera, this consumer-ready panorama photography device is a whole lot more handy than its soccer ball size prototype too, but yet maintains the same awesome we have read and witness two years ago, including 36 numbers of 2.0-megapixel fixed-focus cameras with a total resolution of 72MP, built-in accelerometer, plus a slew of proprietary circuitry that allows it (and by ‘it’, we mean all the 36 cameras) to take a panoramic stills while in the air.

the Panono’s built-in accelerometer calculates the ball’s launch acceleration and initiates a panoramic image capturing when the ball reaches its highest point, which it will be in a state of momentary non-movement. in a split of a second, the ball captures a sweeping panoramic image, covering every direction imaginable and hopefully, lands back into your hands, else its tough clear plastic construction built should be able take some beatings, but i would imagine not too often. the recorded image is then wirelessly sent to your smartphone for preview, after which it can be pushed to Panono free cloud stitching service. from there, the finished image can be stored in Panono Cloud, download to your smartphone, or shared with your social networks. there is also an option to down the unprocessed 36 single images from camera if so desired.

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additionally, the Panono also has a built-in internal flash memory, good for around 400 panoramas, for times where a smart device isn’t readily available. finally, the new version also offers two more ways to capture image: one, by mounting it to a stick, and two, by using like a handheld camera. it can also also be triggered remotely with the Panono app, which would comes in handy when using it with stick. the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera is almost a reality, because for the last step, the team will need your financial backing. that said, you can do by pre-ordering one for $499, which is an early adopter price, or $549 if that runs out. however, this endeavor is on Fixed Funding, which means your pre-order or whatever support will only be realized only if the project’s funding goal is met (which happens to be a whopping $900K, btw). check out a pitch video after the break to learn more.

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