How could we be so blur??? Remember the purported Xiaomi’s so-called Elvis Presley Atomic Player B612? As it turns out, that isn’t a Xiaomi’s product. It was a product of long-time audio equipment maker Muzen Audio.

Muzen Wild Mini Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

It just so happened that it was using Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform Xiaomi Youpin to sell its product. Anywho, Muzen Audio really knows how to tug the heartstrings of the style conscious with novel designs.

The company’s latest offering, which has been selling in China, is now available to the rest of the world. Dubbed Muzen Wild Mini, this new delightful gadget oozes with military flavor.

Muzen Wild Mini Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

While some rugged Bluetooth speakers tried to conceal its rugged nature, the Muzen Wild Mini puts it out there. I thought it looks a little like part of a military communication equipment.

Muzen Wild Mini is small but mighty in audio reproduction, capable of dishing out 70 dB of loudness. It further touts Bluetooth 5.0 technology, a rechargeable battery good for up to 6 hours of use per charge – at full volume, and an integrated outdoor flashlight with three modes of light including SOS.

All these are packed into an IPX5 rated all-metal body with a military-inspired look, complete with a knurled mechanical knob for volume control and a music playback control knob.

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The company said it drew its inspiration from ammo boxes and armored vehicles. Well, what can we say? I guess the company nailed the military look.

If you are sold, you may want to join over 1,000 backers on Kickstarter to pre-order a unit for US$69 or more. Not pricey at all actually. Delivery is expect to commence in November 2020. And yes, the campaign is fully funded.

All images courtesy of Muzen Audio.

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