After collaborating with IKEA for a playful storage solution, it kind of makes sense (maybe?) for LEGO now reimagine its bricks as the materials of choice to repair broken furniture. In a marketing campaign called LEGO TSUGI, under its global brand campaign “Rebuild the World,” LEGO lifted a page from Kintsugi, a Japanese traditional art of repairing with gold.

LEGO TSUGI Using LEGO Bricks To Rebuild Broken Furniture

Of course, gold LEGO does not have. OK. Looking at its sale so far, it probably have lots. Anyhoo… instead of gold, LEGO’s version of Kintsugi (which literally translates to ‘gold joint’) is more like LEGOtusgi because, in place of gold, broken objects are given a new lease of life with LEGO bricks.

LEGO TSUGI perfectly exemplified the spirit of Kintsugi’s ethos of highlighting the imperfections and creating something that’s beautiful (if not more beautiful), resilient and unique. LEGO TSUGI is no doubt beautiful and unique. However, I am not sure about the resilient aspect.

LEGO TSUGI Using LEGO Bricks To Rebuild Broken Furniture

I absolutely love the idea even though I know very well a LEGO brick-built table leg is not going to hold up long. But hey, we can always drop some glue, can’t we? I mean, that’s how some LEGO sculptures were put together to ensure that they hold together, don’t they?

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You can view the full collection of LEGO TSUGI on LEGO on Pinterest (we are there too! So follow us there if you have already done so). Meanwhile, keep going for two of the three videos on LEGO TSUGI.

LEGO TSUGI Using LEGO Bricks To Rebuild Broken Furniture

Images: YouTube (LEGO).

Source: Marketing Interactive.

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