“Do not play with your food” does not quite apply to modern day where there are contraptions that bend that rule. Like, how can anyone ever resist firing a bunch of cheese balls downrange? Or maybe hurling some marshmallows across the room at your mates with a marshmallow crossbow or bazooka?

Building Brick Waffle Maker Kickstarter

However, we concede that those contraptions are wasting food – unless dirt and/or germs coated food fits your taste bud… Otherwise, “playing with food” should be fun while remaining totally edible and that, folks, is what the WaffleWow by Cucina Pro Building Brick Waffle Maker is about.

Building Brick Waffle Maker is a waffle maker that makes delicious waffle with LEGO-style studs, so you could literally play with your food. In other words, you can have fun and eat it too. The stackable LEGO-style waffle should make kids’ breakfast more interesting, so they actually will eat them.

WaffleWow by Cucina Pro has taken to Kickstarter to peddle this fun waffle maker which, not surprisingly, the campaign has blown past its set funding goal in no time.

As of this post, WaffleWow by Cucina Pro Building Brick Waffle Maker has rolled in nearly $140,000 in funding with almost 2,000 backers behind it. You too can secure a unit by making a pledge for a product for $50 or more.

Building Brick Waffle Maker Kickstarter

Images: WaffleWow by Cucina Pro.

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Source: Laughing Squid.

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