Forget about the gamer exclusive basketball self-lacing shoes because, Nike has recently dropped a surprised. The U.S. sporting goods brand has released a new self-lacing sneaker for Air Max Day.

Nike Adapt Auto Max Self-lacing Shoes

The Nike Adapt Auto Max Self-lacing Shoes has a striking profile – thanks in part to its super chunky midsole. Damn. It sure looks like space shoes!

“Backed by FitAdapt technology, the Adapt Auto Max extends the storied concept into 2020 with power laces that allow you to set and save the perfect fit, including customized lighting.”

Nike Adapt Auto Max Self-lacing Shoes

The high-tech kicks also touts TPU plate wraps for added stability, manual controls on the shoe’s midsole allows for on-the-go adjustment and it obviously is, app-connected, working with Nike Adapt App that offers exclusive Nike Adapt features.

A new colorway known as “Motherboard” was launched at this time too. Nike Adapt Auto Max Self-lacing Shoes retails for $400, but unfortunately, it appeared to have sold out already. Bummer.

Images: Nike.

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