Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine

Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine
Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine | US$tba |

coffee snob, connoisseur or caffeine aficionados – whatever you call yourself, there’s one thing for sure: what each of you really wants is to squeeze every single flavor out of your favorite roast and enjoy a cup of piping hot java exactly to what you desire or what the pro-roasters have intended. and one such machine that will let you realize that perfect cuppa is the Blossom One Limited Coffee Machine. with 500W of heat power on the tap, this prosumer coffee maker allows you to adjust everything from grind size to extraction time to create your thorough brew. but that’s not all – a 1.3-megapixel camera built for QR Code scanning and built-in WiFi enables you to download and share brew recipes and monitor its performance remotely. other features include a manual plunger for maximum control over press-out, compatibility with any standard E61 Portafilter basket, ease of maintenance and no noise pumps involved for a silent operation. all these features come packed in a choice of materials including mahogany, walnut, sapele, teak and zebrawood or it could be any custom materials provided by you to match your existing kitchen cabinetry. arriving in Spring 2013 with an yet to be announced price. click through for a few more larger views.

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