build your own Steampunk Plasma Stream bulb [video]

Steampunk Plasma Stream bulb 544x550px
(credit: Admiral Aaron Ravensdale)

we have seen numerous awesome steampunk creation in this blog and today we are adding one more to the list: Steampunk Plasma Stream Bulb and its creator, one German folk who called himself Admiral Aaron Ravensdale (of Steampunk Design) was kind enough to let the cat out of the bag on how he did this beautiful machine. most of the steampunk creation we have seen here are generally functional, the plasma bulb is no exception, although it may not light up your entire room. it certainly belongs to the Steampunk (work of) Art category – if there’s such a category. check out a short clip of the Plasma Bulb in action after the break, then if you are ready to get your hands dirty, head on down to Admiral Aaron Ravensdale’s instructables page for the step-by-step instruction on to create your very own Steampunk Plasma Stream Bulb.
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