Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle

2012 Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle
Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle | US$14,250.00 | www.imz-ural.com

unlike regular motorcycles, sidecars are not a common sight but if it happens to be, then we think the Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle should help you in standing out from the sidecar community and with only 50 units destined for the U.S., chances of you meeting another of the same kind is as slim as seeing a person using a 40k iPhone. drawing its inspiration from the Russian icebreaker of the same name, the Ural Yamal is build tough with features like weatherproof bottom and lower section of the sidecar, plus details like handle guards and fenders for the extra protection. the Yamal is set to be attention grabber with its striking flat orange (power coated, no less) finish with black accents, adorned with the unmissable, ferocious teeth graphics. powered by a 749cc air-cooled 4-stroke boxer engine that makes 40 ponies with 51Nm (38 ft-lbs) of torque, mated to a 5-speed transmission (including reverse), the Yamal could easily ease itself to top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). other highlights include Brembo full floating front brake, Sachs suspensions, 19-inch wire spoke wheels with knobby tires, rider fairing and passenger windshield, front mounted fog lights, knobby spare, LE badging, on-demand 2WD and oh, it comes with an oar which should come handy in time of dire situation such as, well… we really don’t know but it is there and we are sure you will find a use for it when the situation arises. the Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle comes with $14,250 price tag. gun past the jump for a few more larger look.

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