put on a Special Operations Camo Jacket by Master & Commander and do whatever outdoor stuff you desire without having to worry about the cold, the wind, or the water. inspired by the Special Operations Forces Protective Clothing Unit Level 5 Jacket (PCU L5), this is as close as you can get to the real-deal rugged wear as worn by elite forces around the world, but tweaked to suit the everyday fashionistas. available in a choice of green (aka ‘woodland’) and tan (aka ‘desert’) digital camouflage pattern, each jacket is made of durable 4-way stretch soft shell material that is completely impermeable to wind and water, and thanks to a DWR protective membrane incorporated into the jacket, it still allows water vapor (such as sweat) to escape while keeping the heat within, thereby keeping comfortable and warm.

other features include two upper sleeve zipper pockets, one wrist zipper pocket, adjustable integrated hood, a pair of zipper pockets, back zipper pockets, underarm ventilation zippers (in case you need to let some heat out or whatever), velcro cuffs, and built-in slots in the front and upper arm pockets for threading your headphones cord to your music device. finally, a American flag velcro patch and one Master & Commander Rogue velcro patch rounds up the military look. the Special Operations Camo Jacket by Master & Commander can be yours for just $98 and for every jacket Master & Commander sells, it will donate one to the orphanage in developing countries. scroll down for another look at this awesome jacket.

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Special Operations Camo Jacket

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