torn or broken Apple cable. we all been there at some point, don’t we? and at 19 bucks (or 29, if you were to go for the 2m item), replacement ain’t exactly cheap, more so if it keeps happening time and time again (which it will). there are a few solutions in existence to this pesky problem, but we thought the CordArmor for Apple Lightning Cable might just hit the nail on the head, or we should we say it actually hit two nails in one hit. the CordArmor is essentially a cable reinforcement enclosure that features a patent pending internal structure to securely hold the Lightning cable in place, and thereby eliminating the weak points of the cable.

unlike the solutions you may have come across, this ultra-durable polypropylene construction attachment also boast a built-in LED light, activated by a button switch, which allows you to easily plug your Lightning connector to your iOS device even in the dark. now, lets be honest with ourselves: we did at some point tried pulling the plug-in-the-dark stunt and mostly, we just end up turning on the lights. hence, the incorporation of an LED light is certainly a thoughtful touch. the LED is powered by a 3V coin cell and should last you for about two years if you were to use it every night. you can grab the CordArmor for Apple Lightning Cable off Indiegogo for $12 and up, and expect to see it at your doorstep in January 2014.

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