You can still buy video game consoles of yesteryear to play your favorite games from the 80s and 90s. But the problem is, the games you love may be from different consoles. The solution to this is, obviously, an emulation-base game system, but there is also another problem. None of those support disc-based games of the later years.

Playmaji Polymega HD Modular Video Game Console
Polymega is shown here with the upcoming EM05 module.

Enters Playmaji Polymega HD Modular Video Game Console. Polymega is a retro gaming console that lets you play PlayStation, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, TurboGrafx CD, and Neo Geo CD games out-of-the-box and in 1080p and using modern wireless Bluetooth controller.

It will even let you play cartridge games too with using the optional modules. Oh, yeah. It is a modular game console. Being modular means new modules will be introduced to expand the platforms you can play. Speaking of modules, Playmaji recently revealed N64 support with EM05 Ultra Element Module Set.

Playmaji Polymega HD Modular Video Game Console
The EM05 module has 4 ports to support up to 4 players.

With the EM05 Ultra Element Module Set, the 5th Module in the lineup of compatible Element Module Sets for Polymega will let you play original N64 game cartridges on the Polymega system, region free.

The EM05 offers 4 controller ports on the front for multiplayer gaming. Users can choose to use the OEM controllers or the included Polymega Ultra Retro Controllers, developed in collaboration with Retro-Bit Gaming and based on its popular Wireless Tribute64 pad.

Playmaji Polymega HD Modular Video Game Console
The base unit plays CD-ROM-based games without the need for modules.

The Playmaji Polymega HD Modular Video Game Console can be configured now starting at US$449.99 for the Base Unit, with modules available for US$79.99 each. The EM05 is expected to arrive in 2022, though exactly when it is not clear.

Playmaji Polymega HD Modular Video Game Console
Yup. It’s a world’s first.

Images: Playmaji, Inc.

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