Apple’s introduction of the new MagSafe found on the iPhone 12 felt like a déjà vu. How so? Well, just look at the new Charging Stands for MagSafe from Elago. These stands share the same concept as the many Apple Watch stands in the market – particularly, those from Elago.

Elago MS1 Charging Stand for MagSafe

Basically, the charging stands let you turn the Apple MagSafe wireless charger into a proper stand by sticking your MagSafe into the stands. Now, you see it? Tell me that does not give you the feeling of déjà vu.

This new line of accessories is created with MagSafe users in mind. The new line of charging stands include MS1 and MS2. The former is primary designed for desktop use and is useful for taking video calls. The latter is more suited for nightstand duty.

Elago MS1 Charging Stand for MagSafe

Whichever you chose, you will get a premium silicone construction that will not scratch the device and the surface it sits on, inbuilt cable management and of course, a placeholder for the MagSafe. MagSafe charger is not included, obviously.

The Elago MS1 and MS2 Charging Stands for MagSafe can be had for $24.99 each from You can also find them being sold on Amazon for US$24.99 (MS1) and US$21.99 (MS2).

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Images: Elago.

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