Roku Smart Soundbar Can Help To Boost Your TV’s Audio And Adds More Entertainment

TCL Alto Smart Soundbar with Roku Entertainment Assistant can do entertainment wonders if you have a TCL Roku TV. What if you don’t have a Roku TV, let alone a smart TV? Well, fret not, because now there is the Roku Smart Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer.

Amazon Launches Echo Sub, Echo Link, Link Amp And More

It is a gadget galore today for Amazon. The online retail giant has announced a slew of new products that will further imprints Echo in your life, right down to your automobile. Among the gadgets announced are Echo Sub (yes, it is a subwoofer!), Echo Link, Echo Link Amp, Echo Input, Echo Wall Clock (yup, […]

Mass Fidelity Core is Over 1,400% Funded, Extends Campaign and Adds Core Wireless Subwoofer

the market has spoken. audio fanatics want a speaker that not only promised good sound but also looks awesome, and the result is over 1,400 percent in funding from more than 2,000 backers for Mass Fidelity’s The Core Wireless Speaker System. encouraged by the overwhelming response, the Canada-based audio equipment maker has extended its Indiegogo […]

Ceramic Subwoofer by Joey Roth

visually impressed by Joey Roth’s Ceramic Speakers but not quite with its lack of warm, low-end thumping sound? well, here’s a good news for you bass heads out there, the Joey Roth’s Ceramic Subwoofer should fill that bass void that has being bugging you all this while and best of all, it continues with the visually pleasing legacy and matches your existing Ceramic Speakers…