Twelve South BassJump 2 USB-powered subwoofer

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(photos: Twelve South) Twelve South BassJump 2 Subwoofer | US$69.99 |

the speakers on the MacBook is anything but ideal even for non-audiophiles. you probably can’t get it to reach the audiophile benchmark without spending hundreds of dollars and weighing yourself down with external speakers or sound processor but lucky for us, there’s this nifty gadget called BassJump 2 from Twelve South. as the name suggest, it is the second generation BassJump that is designed specifically for MacBook Pro and Air to give your silver gadget a boost in the low frequency department. being USB-powered, means there is no adapter-clutter to worry about and its small foot print lets you bring it anywhere, anytime to wherever you wish. included in this $69.99 package is a custom software that blends the music from the built-in MacBook speakers with the extra bass churns out by the BassJump’s 77-mm low-frequency driver.
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the remastered software now boast compatibility with iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display speakers, as well as third party USB and headphone-connected speakers, and it now offers eight more decibels of sound then its predecessor. apart from being functional, the software user interface also offers quite an eye candy to the users and the aesthetic appeal of the subwoofer hardware is undeniably alluring. oh, there is one more thing. the BassJump hardware is the same as the original, so if you have the original BassJump, you can get all the BassJump 2 features and improvements for free by downloading and installing the new BassJump 2 Software available on Twelve South website.

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