Huawei Pocket 2 Folding Smartphone

If you haven’t heard, Huawei has recently revealed a new vertical folding phone. The new Huawei Pocket 2 [CH], as it is simply called, retains the same double-ring design while having a symmetrical aesthetic, and streamlined design. For the solid color models aka the vegan leather models, it now proudly claims a unified color for the frame, hinge, and back cover, giving it a more elegant and sleek appearance.

Huawei Pocket 2 Folding Smartphone

Physically, it is almost identical to the Pocket S. It measures 170 mm long and 7.25 mm thin when open, 87.8 mm long and 15.3 mm thin when closed, while the Pocket S is 170 mm long and 7.2 mm thin when open, 87.3 mm long and 15.2 mm thin when closed. Both the new and old models are 75.5 mm across, but it is a tad weightier now at 199g for the vegan leather model and 202g for the glass version, versus 190g for the Pocket S.

The glass is the second-generation Kunlun glass. At a glance, the double rings on the front look identical, but they are slightly larger. The secondary display is now 1.15” (versus 1.04”), and though the resolution remains the same at 340 by 340 pixels, it is an LTPO screen that supports an adaptive refresh rate of 1-60 Hz. Yes, really. An adaptive refresh rate even on such a tiny display, which has a not-too-shabby touch sampling rate of 120 Hz.

Meanwhile, the main display is an FHD+ (2,690 x 1,136 pixels) OLED that supports a 1-120 Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate, 1440 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and a 300 Hz touch sampling rate.

Huawei Pocket 2 Folding Smartphone

The biggest upgrade under the hood has to be the SoC, which is a Kirin 9000s, making the Pocket 2 Huawei’s first 5G-capable vertical folding phone. Strangely, there is no mention of the RAM and ROM type. Only the configuration is revealed. Seriously, I think I have spent way too much time trying to find this one detail. Not a single reviewer in China mentions this detail.

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Another key upgrade is, you guessed it, the main camera system. It is now an XMAGE quad-camera setup, which calls one of the two pearl rings home. Before we get to the camera, you may have noticed that the secondary display is now on an identical bump as the camera module, giving it a symmetrical aesthetic. It was flush with the front cover on the Pocket S.

The four cameras include a 50 MP super-sensing main camera with OIS, a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle camera, an 8 MP telephoto camera with OIS, and a 2 MP hyperspectral camera. The rear-facing camera supports up to 4K video recording with support for AIS image stabilization and up to 1080p@960fps super slow-mo. The LED flash is now located in the middle of the quad-camera setup. On the main display, there is a 10.7 MP ultra-wide-angle hole-punch camera.

Huawei Pocket 2 Folding Smartphone

Other notables include the Xuanwu water drop hinge that promises reliability with minimal fold lines, Lingxi communication (bi-directional satellite calls and text messaging), UV detection, 2 meters IPX8 waterproof, mid-frame VC with a 3-dimensional heat dissipation structure and 1800 W/m.K high thermal conductivity graphene material, support for gesture control, payment via the secondary display, and a 4,250 mAh battery that supports dual ultra-fast charging (66 W wired, 40 W wireless).

A note about the satellite messaging: other makes and models can also receive the satellite texts sent by Pocket 2 as regular text messages.

The new Huawei Pocket 2, powered by HarmonyOS 4, is now available to order in China starting at 7,499 yuan [CH], which is about 1,042 USD. It was sold out in China in a jiffy despite its considerably high price.

Images: Huawei [CH].