The good old vernier caliper is my favorite measuring tool. While limited to how long it can measure, it is very versatile. It can measure the depth of an object and has two sets of jaws for measuring external and internal diameters. You can’t say the same for tape measures. However, this little accessory here, known as Tape Tip, changes the game.

Tape Tip For Tape Measures For Measuring From Corner-to-Corner

Tape Tip is a simple add-on that will make your tape measure a truly versatile tool. Note I said “tool” not “measurement tool” because it will expand the use of your tape measure beyond taking measurements.

But first and foremost, Tape Tip, when attached to the hook (or tab, if you will) of the tape measure, instantly allows it to measure from corner to corner of an interior. All you need to do is to add an inch to the measure because it adds precisely 1 inch (2.54 cm) to the overall measurement. That is not it.

Tape Tip For Tape Measures For Measuring From Corner-to-Corner

There is also a smaller arrowhead-shaped boss on its underside that lets you measure exterior corners. The measurements taken by the angled boss on the underside are direct read.

In addition, Tape Tip also serves as a marking gauge or as a compass. Yep. You heard that right. I am surprised a gizmo this tiny has so many functions. Utilizing the center hole with a screw or nail, you can lay out an arc or circle of precise radius. You can push a pencil against the V-notch end and use it to mark straight lines with precise lengths.

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Finally, the center hole can hook over a nail to hole the tip for measuring over longer distances like so:

Tape Tip For Tape Measures For Measuring From Corner-to-Corner

The device is made from ABS and features a generous hook slot and two integral rare-earth magnets for a secure grip. It only comes in bright orange, so that it can be easily located among the sea of tools in your toolbox.

The Tape Tip is a patented design and it can be had for just US$7.50 a pop from Lee Valley.

Images: Lee Valley.

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