Cybershoes Shoes For VR Gaming

When I first saw the Cybershoes, the first thought I had was “the future of VR games is going to make your legs very tired.” TBH, I was divided by this virtual reality gaming peripheral. On one hand, it looks pretty silly and yet, when I saw people wearing it and jumping across pools of water with their very own legs, it looks kind of cool. With Cybershoes, video gaming is never a stuck-in-couch activity.

Cybershoes GmbH first presented its prototype at last year’s gamescom and today, the startup is offering its third and final redesign of the Cybershoes. Along with the tweaked feet-worn hardware, the company also announced a comprehensive package which include a 360-degree swivel chair and a matching carpet. Nothing revolutionary there, though. You probably can use just about any swivel chair and carpet.

If you prefer not to use your digits do the walking for, you know, the sake of immersion, Cybershoes is definitely right up your alley. It is compatible with any VR game that allows free movement via controllers and it will work with most popular VR headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and Pimax. It, obviously, support the SteamVR platform, plus it is now plays well with Valve’s treadmill support too.

So, get your dry-fit getup on because, the next time you go VR gaming, you’d be sweating in the real world.

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Cybershoes had enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign last. If you miss that, fret not because, it is now on Indiegogo InDemand where you can pre-order it for $359. You can also hit up gamescom 2019, happening from August 20-24, to see the device in person. Meanwhile, here’s the pitch video:

Images: Cybershoes GmbH.