Evangelion Has A Bunch Of EVA Units-themed Work Tools, Not For Repairing EVA Units

Here’s a collection of Evangelion-themed Workson A.T. Field work tools for the hardcore fans of the cult anime serious. Like, you have to be super serious because, they ain’t cheap. But more on that in a jiffy.

Any Mortal Is Worthy To Wield This Marvel Thor Mjolnir Hammer Tool Set

Thor sure knows how to work a hammer, but I bet that’s the only hammer he ever know how to use and it is certainly not for driving nails. While us, mortals, may not worthy enough to wield the mighty mythical hammer, home improvement-worthy sentient beings are sure worthy of the Marvel Thor Mjolnir Hammer […]

Coolbox is Actually a Toolbox That’s Loaded with Features

Toolbox is one of those things that needs to be reinvented, but it wouldn’t hurt if someone has a better idea, right? And when said ‘better idea’ it doesn’t mean adding wheels, additional handles, or bulletproof it. More is expected. Perhaps one that fits today’s modern lifestyle and requirements? Well, the Coolbox Advanced Toolbox is […]