Storage and organization are tough nuts to crack when maintaining our workshops or garages. Most of us probably have tools strewn about all over the place. Perhaps we have a pegboard on the walls to hold our tools. In some cases, our toolboxes are overflowing with a variety of tools for different tasks. Some organization is required. Fortunately, tool carts can make organization a breeze.

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Tool Cart For Your Workshop
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Choosing the right tool card for a workshop can be a challenging decision though. With so many different types of tool parts available—each with different parameters and uses—you might not know where to start when looking for one. To help you make the best decision, here are five tips for choosing the best tool part for your workshop today.

Weight Capacity

The first step to choosing a tool cart is determining its weight capacity. Weight capacity is how much weight a tool card can hold before it buckles, collapses, or simply won’t move. If too many tools are inside the cart, it won’t be very effective storage. Most tool cards are designed to carry heavy items. But that doesn’t mean you can stack or load one on top of the other without determining weight capacity first. The tool chest’s weight capacity is typically listed in its product description.

So be sure to look for that and decide what will work best for you. Remember that the size, or actual weight, of the chest itself, affects weight capacity. For instance, if the Wake capacity is 1,000 pounds (454 kilograms) and the tool chest weighs 100 lb (45 kilograms), you have a maximum weight capacity of 900 lb (408 kilograms), at least according to This Old House. Your mileage may vary, of course, and you can always ask questions at the store or online shop where you intend to purchase your tool cart.


Once you’ve determined the weight capacity you need, figure out how many drawers you want. Your cart can have several drawers or simply consist of two shelves. The number of drawers you choose will largely depend on your available space, storage needs, and upcoming projects. If you plan to store a lot of items long-term, go with a tool part that has multiple drawers.

If you don’t or plan to use it for individual projects around the house, you might opt for something with fewer drawers or shelves. Keep in mind that drawers can be enhanced with organizers or providers. You can also stack them on top of one another to maximize space. This is a highly subjective part of buying a tool card and will ultimately rest in your hands.

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Size is pretty important when you’re choosing a tool cart as well. If you choose a small cart, it won’t hold all your tools. The big cart has the opposite problem. You want to take a cue from Goldilocks and find the one that’s just right. Measure the size of your work area. Determine what tools and how many tools you’ll keep in the cart. Remember power tools are larger and require more space. Account for that when choosing a size. Finally, think about how the cart will look in your workspace. Will it fit the typical aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve? Professional tool carts work extremely well, but be sure their size fits your space and needs.


Durability is also highly vital to choosing a tool cart. Ideally, you get a durable model that can withstand the wear and tear of regular usage. Make sure your cart is constructed from sturdy materials and can stand up to the rigors of repeated use. Also ensure it has adequate protection against rust, corrosion, and water damage. If you’re storing it in an outdoor location such as a garage, this matters significantly. Ultimately, a durable tool cart will last a long time and be a cost-effective addition to your tool storage solution.


5 Tips For Choosing The Best Tool Cart For Your Workshop
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In addition to everything else on this list, mobility matters a great deal with the tool cart. It might be one of the most important parts of buying or making one yourself. After all, a tool card on wheels can move around. That makes it ideal for certain jobs or rearranging things in your garage. If you plan to store heavy items in the cart, mobility also becomes a critical factor. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can choose the better workshop without breaking the bank. Just spend some time weighing your options and you’ll find a great tool cart that will help you get even the most difficult jobs done fast.

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