Jonathan Ive or Jony Ive as he is most commonly called has left a legacy at Apple. He is best known for his works with Apple, having penned products like the iMac (1998), MacBook Air (2008), iPad (2010), and more. He also co-designed a Leica camera with fellow designer Marc Newson.

Comic Relief The Red Nose designed by Jonathan Ive

His design flair goes beyond gadgets. He also designed a couple of diamond rings too and now, he proves again that his creative vision extends to comic relief too. Folks, what you see here is the new Red Nose designed by Sir Jony Ive exclusively for Comic Relief. That’s right the man has reimagined the Red Nose.

While a regular red nose is a simple foam ball, The Red Nose designed by Jonathan Ive is made of honeycomb paper that allows it to be collapsed for carrying with the included case so it can be brought to whenever without damaging it.

Comic Relief The Red Nose designed by Jonathan Ive

Who would have thought an object as mundane as a red nose need any redesigning or could be redesigned further? I certainly did not.

Jony Ive certainly has made red nose cool. And it is for good cause too. If you buy one, you’d be donating to Comic Relief which will use the money to help people facing the toughest times of their lives. And it will not cost an arm or a leg if you buy one. It’s just 2.50 quid (about 3 USD) a pop.

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However, last we check, The Red Nose is out of stock.

Comic Relief The Red Nose designed by Jonathan Ive

Images: Comic Relief.

via Yanko Design.

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