Diamond rings. They are not truly diamond, diamond rings, are they? Every diamond has to be paired to a band made from other metal or metals to make them wearable and that kind of makes them not diamond rings in the literal sense. The diamond ring you see here, however, is literally a diamond ring because, the entire ring – the band and all – was crafted from a single 45-carat lab-grown rough diamond.

(RED) Ring by Jony Ive and Marc Newson

If this ring looks familiar to you is because, it went on the block last December at (RED) at Sotheby’s Auction where it was picked up by an unnamed buyer for a cool $256,250. But why the news now? Well, the ring is made-to-order and so, it had to be crafted bespoke for the buyer only after the auction and the company that crafted it, lab-grown diamond specialist, Diamond Foundry, has just completed the ring.

Diamond Foundry has shared the images of this “world’s first wearable, all-diamond ring” and boy, the final product looks even more dope than the original concept. Though it does not quite look like a diamond as much as small rock glued to a metal band. The form of a diamond we come to know is just not there. Despite so, it still bears 2,000-3,000 facets (!) as envisioned by Ive and Newson in their blueprint.

The All-Diamond (RED) Ring by Jony Ive and Marc Newson officially pulled in $461,250 for (RED) at auction – thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which matched 90% of the bid.

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Images: Instagram (@diamondfoundry).

Source: dezeen.

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