The U.S. ban on Huawei and its products is still looming and that means, any new device the China telecommunication giant/handset maker releases globally in future will not have Google services. However, Huawei appeared to have temporary circumvent the ban by re-releasing a new version of its 2019 flagship, the Huawei P30 Pro with, wait for it… Android 10 Operating System (AKA Android Q).

The reason why Huawei is able to make this work is because, the ban is on all new Huawei products and since the P30 Pro is technically not a new product, it is not subjected to the ban (or so we heard). Anyways, so here it is the Huawei P30 Pro with Android 10 and along with it, the suite of Google services.

Huawei P30 Pro with Android 10

So, what’s new, if anything aside from Android 10? Apparently, there is a dual-video feature which will allow you to record side-by-side videos composed of a regular zoom footage and a zoomed in view. And there is a super obvious two-tone back design in two fresh colorways that differentiates itself from the original P30 Pro (though the original colorways introduced are also available if you are so inclined).

Beyond that, it is the same ‘old’ P30 Pro we have come to know with stuff like Leica Quad Camera System, 50x Super zoom, and whatnot. The new Huawei P30 Pro with Android 10 is available now and as for the pricing, we believe it is the same as P30 Pro where it is being sold.

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In a related news, Huawei is set to announce a Mate series follow up, the Mate 30, in an event entitled Rethink Possibilities, happening on September 19, 2019 in Munich, Germany.

Images: Huawei.

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