M-Plate – the Swiss Army knife of camera mounting plate

Custom SLR M-Plate 544x408px
(photos: Custom SLR) CUSTOMSLR M-Plate | US$50.00 | www.customslr.com

remember the folks who gave you the awesome single-point camera strap system, C-Loop? well, they are back with another ingenious accessory that aims to further improve your photography experience. known as the M-Plate, it is a camera tripod plate system that’s touted to have a universal mounting compatibility that fits Manfrotto RC2, Arca-Swiss connections, and thanks to its additional mounting points, it will work with virtually any tripod mounting plate too. with this M-Plate, Custom SLR scored the world’s first for integrating both Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss mounts.
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the M-Plate attaches to your camera’s base securely via threaded hex head bolt and a neoprene base keeps it from shifting once it is fastened, and from then on, your camera will be bestowed with quick attachment to any tripod while using your preferred camera strap systems such as Custom SLR’s C-Loop and major brands like BlackRapid, SunSniper, Spider Holster and many more. and that’s not all. the M-Plate features an integrate hand strap mount catering to those who prefer to use hand strap over a standard camera strap. the best part is, the M-Plate will pave way for future photo and video attachments such as flash brackets, and video rigs which are coming soon from Custom SLR.

these brilliant folks are now seeking your support for this product via Kickstarter and for a minimum plate of $50, you will be essentially ordering your very own universal camera mounting plate at a huge discount over its eventual retail price of $74.95. check out a short product intro video after the break or head on down to Custom SLR’s Kickstarter Page for more details.

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