Transformers Autobot and Decepticon USB Flash Drives

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(photos: EdgeWaveElectronics) Transformers – Autobot and Decepticon 4GB USB Flash Drive | US$36.00 |

from the maker of the movie lifelike Iron Man USB flash drives, comes the Transformers 3 USB flash drives. instead of using Optimus Prime or Megatron’s head (or any bots’ heads) as the USB flash drive chassis, these Transformers USB flash drives feature the iconic Autobot and Decepticon logos. like the Iron Man item, these USB flash drives are crafted from high quality metal and features retractable USB, 4 GB storage capacity and a cool blue LED that lights up when you plug it into the USB port (and flashes when it reads/writes). strangely, these duo has a couple other features such as a flip up logo that reveals a character totem hidden underneath and, wait for this… a bottle opener. honestly, what’s the relation between a flash drive and a bottle opener remains a mystery to us but we suspect they are the results of a complicated affair that spun off while watching the Transformers at the bar (and perhaps, one drink too much). regardless of what’s the history, they are just as sweet. the Transformers – Autobot and Decepticon 4GB USB Flash Drives can be yours for $36 a pop via our all time favorite online megastore: Amazon. blast past the jump for a few more look at these awesome USB flash drives.
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