meet Kicks, the protective rubber pads for your iPad 2

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(credit: Bluelounge) Bluelounge Kicks | US$11.95 |

for those who uses their iPad 2 with Apple’s smart cover or equivalent, your iPad’s back is no doubt exposed. it is ok if you are a careful person but there’s other issue: the smooth, beautiful aluminum back is pretty slippery and it gets full contact with any surface you place your iPad on. here’s where the Bluelounge Kicks come in. Kicks are a pair of thin, narrow silicone rubber straps that sticks to the back of your iPad that helps to prevent your iPad from slipping or scratching from direct contact with any surface. from the look of it, it looks pretty unobtrusive too. the strips adhere to your iPad with the use of 3M adhesives which can be easily peel off and reposition without leaving residual marks. another example of simple things that make life even sweeter and not to mention that it is totally affordable too. the Bluelounge Kicks is available now for $11.95 for a box which contains 2 pairs of this little wonder.
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