Runat Doraemon GMT Master II and Lady-DateJust Replica

Runat Journey and Heart watches 544x544px
(credit: Runat) Runat Doraemon GMT Master II and Lad-DateJust Replica | ¥21,120.00 |

i am quite sure these are not sanction by luxury time piece maker Rolex but they do lend a pretty cute touch too the otherwise too straight-face, and not to mention, very pricey watches. this pair, namely, the Doraemon GMT Master II (officially dubbed as Journey) and Lady-DateJust Replica (officially dubbed as Heart) from Runat cost only ¥21,120 (about US$275) a pop, which is a fraction of the real deal’s price, though it might not have the built quality and prestige that comes with the serious pricing.
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anyhow, if you like Doraemon and having a twist to everything you own is your cup of English Breakfast, these are dedicated to you. oh, did i mention that these are totally limited edition? each model has a limited production run of just 2,112 pieces. if you want one, you better find to way to secure it fast, as i am sure Rolex won’t be too happy to see them around for too long.

Journey & Heart [JP] via Akihabara

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