Thom Browne iPad Case – business brief case style iPad case

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(credit: Barneys NY) Thom Browne iPad Case | US$1,005.00 |

if you are a serious business professional, toting your iPad around in a less-than-formal case could be doing your image more harm than good but not too worry, your savior is here and it is the Thom Browne’s iPad Case. this smooth leather item looks like any other brief, albeit being a little smaller and less bulkier, but it unfolds to reveal your iPad being held within by a tricolor band and leather bottom, complete with a cut out for your iPad’s home button and that’s not all.
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the case also includes five card slots and an envelope pocket along side your iPad holder, perfect for your business cards or your associates’, and anything else that can fit within them. completing the luxurious package is a gold hard locking clasp with a key, keeping your iPad safe from any potential busybodies. naturally, with a description like this and a renowned name like Thom Browne, this will not be anything near affordable. so if you want one, then be prepared to shell out $1,005 for it and a lot of explanation to your wife why you’d pay a handsome four figure for an iPad case.

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Thom Browne iPad Case via Acquire

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