If you want different guitar sounds, you need an effect pedal for each sound. With the Chaos Stratus Bluetooth Guitar Effects Pedal, however, it is many effects in one unit and then some.

Chaos Stratus Bluetooth Guitar Effects Pedal

Created by a Florida-based audio tech startup Chaos Audio, Stratus is the Swiss Army knife of pedals. It is a Bluetooth enabled multi-effects platform that is a digital pedal board, guitar tuner, looper, metronome, and more, rolled into one.

Chaos Stratus basically simplifies your guitar pedal setup and lets you explore new sounds without having to deal with multiple pedals, pedal boards and orgy of cables. It is just an input and an output cable, and a sleek, minimalistic pedal.

Chaos Stratus Bluetooth Guitar Effects Pedal

Access to customization is through a smartphone app, available for both Android and iOS devices, via Bluetooth. With the app, users can access to an online library, pick and choose the effects and order them however they wish.

It really does sound like Stratus is the future of guitar effect pedals. But how it really performs, remains to be heard.

Chaos Stratus Bluetooth Guitar Effects Pedal

Other details include built-in memory, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, a rechargeable battery, USB-C port, and a functionally aesthetic LED light strip used for the tuner and other functions.

Chaos Audio will launching the Stratus on Kickstarter on November 1, 2020, where backers can secure a unit for US$199 and up. In the meantime, you are welcome to preview the campaign HERE.

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Images: Chaos Audio.

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