Qoobi One Tube Amp Wireless DAC for Smartphones

Is wireless audio good enough quality to be considered audiophile? TBH, I am not sure. However, if you believe it is, then this first product by Holland-based startup, Qoobi Audio Innovations Company, should interest you. Called Qoobi One, it is a wireless digital to analog converter (DAC) that pulls digital music from your smartphone and massage it into high-end analog audio.

What makes Qoobi One unique its not just its award-winning aesthetic that consists of non-traditional materials of manual polished anodized aluminum and thin quartz glass; it is the wireless connectivity using the latest Bluetooth technology, version 5.0, to transmit audio in BT HD that helps it to shine. Moreover, it has what many audiophiles adore: vacuum tubes preamp.

I guess you could say that Qoobi One is a culmination of 100 century of music history in which it leverages on both the new and old technology to help give your smartphone music the oomph not possible previously. And doing so without the clutter of cables. And it has customizable LED light too. Just thought we should mention that. What Qoobi One can do is best described by Qoobi founders:

“Compressed digital music is like frozen pizza. Smartphones cook this pizza like a microwave. Convenient but not very tasty. So, we decided to create a device that would cook music like a wood fire stove. Delicious and aromatic.”

At least, that was the promise. Whether or not it actually delivers remain to be seen. The design looks pretty dope, though. Anyways, this Promwad-designed audiophile gizmo will be showcased at the upcoming CES at Qoobi’s booth, booth #51663 at the Eureka Park pavilion. So, hit up the booth if you want to be the judge of the sound.

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Qoobi One is the first of the three products planned. The company is expected to introduce Qoobi Jr. in 2019 and a studio-class variety known as Qoobi Pro in 2020. Pricing and availability are not immediately available at this point, but my guess is, they will be known when CES comes around.

Image courtesy of Qoobi Audio.