Infographic: The History of Windows

Being a person who started out mucking around with computers in Windows environment, it is natural that I have always wanted to write about the history of the world’s most successful operating system, more so now it is on its 30th year and its newest version, Windows 10, is around the horizon. But to do that, it will be as good as ripping the whole of the Wikipedia page which I am not about to do. Rather than reading an encyclopaedia about it, we would like to present to you an infographic that outline the history of Windows OS since its inception in 1985 without having information overload. So whether you are a computing veteran or a ‘newbie’, we invite you to take a look at the history of Windows thru’ the graphics and words of NeoMam Studios and Microsoft Training (note: we are not affiliated with either of them). Enjoy!

The History of Windows

source: Best STL