Thanks to the advancement in battery technology, we are free worry of not running out of juice even for gadgets as big as a laptop. The Mophie powerstation AC is one of those power bank to benefit from these tech advancement. Packing a whopping 22,000 mAh and featuring a USB-C port that boasts 30W USB-PD charging technology, powerstation AC has enjoy juice to provide up to 15 hours of extra battery life for your Apple MacBook.

Mophie powerstation AC Power Bank for Laptops

It is, of course, friendly to other USB-C devices too. Don’t have a USB-C on your laptop? Not to worry, mate, cos’ there’s a 100W AC output that will have non-USB-C laptops covered. The same port can also use to charge any other device that uses conventional wall outlet (U.S. standards, obviously), such as camera batteries, for example. In case you are wondering, there is also a USB-A onboard that caters to all other non-USB-C and non-AC devices. So, basically, what you have here is truly versatile power bank to will have nearly all your gadgets covered when you hit the roads.

Mophie powerstation AC Power Bank for Laptops

And then there’s the Mophie’s Priority+ Charging that provides pass-through power to devices connected to the USB-A port first before the powerstation AC battery gets its turn to recharge. Finally, a premium fabric wrap provides this gadget users’ essential accessory both the look and feel while making sure it is protected against scratches and whatnot.

Obviously, with great power, comes with a significant price, and in this instant, the Mophie powerstation AC will run you back at a healthy $199.95 per unit. It may be pricey, but just imagine this: full charge a MacBook with nothing but a portable battery.

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Mophie powerstation AC Power Bank for Laptops

Images: Mophie.

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