Billed as the most advanced (VR) headset yet, the Meta Quest Pro offers a whole new way to work, create and collaborate – or at least that’s what Meta envisioned it to be.

Meta Quest Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Meta Quest Pro is the first in Meta’s new high-end class of VR headsets that enables full-color mixed reality that blends virtual experiences with the physical world. So, it is not just a VR headset; in reality, it is a mixed-reality headset. The Meta Quest Pro is not quite for gaming. This is one of its uses:

“For example, picture being in your home office leading a meeting around a large virtual table with your entire team, all of whom are also working at home. You can see your real desk and use your physical keyboard and mouse. When you need to explain something to your team, you stand up and sketch it out on a giant virtual whiteboard for all to see. As you draw, you can see the expressions of understanding on your teammates’ avatars’ faces. That’s possible on Meta Quest Pro in Horizon Workrooms thanks to the headset’s full-color Passthrough, eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions.”

Meta Quest Pro Virtual Reality Headset

For artists, this new headset also allows you to experiment with different painting styles, colors, brushes, and whatnot, in the virtual world. And when you are done, you can hang the virtual art on the wall of your living room. It will be there, at the same spot, for your admiration whenever you put on the headset.

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Meta Quest Pro Virtual Reality Headset is powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen 1 chip which is said to have 50% more sustained power and 30% better thermal management over the Quest 2. The new chip is bolstered by 12 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of storage.

Meta Quest Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Also crammed inside the super sleek headset are no less than 10 high-resolution sensors for high-precision face and eye-tracking. The new Meta Quest Pro ditches the commonly used Fresnel lenses in favor of thinner pancake optics which are very much lighter. Meanwhile, the displays are LCDs with local dimming and quantum dot tech that promised crisper images and better colors.

With the new VR headset comes the new Quest Touch Pro controllers, which are powered by the Snapdragon 662 chip and feature self-tracking through a set of embedded positional camera sensors.

The Meta Quest Pro Virtual Reality Headset is available now to buy for US$1,499.99.

Meta Quest Pro Virtual Reality Headset
Meta Quest Pro Virtual Reality Headset

All images courtesy of Meta Platforms, Inc.

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