You know Buffy? No. Not that teenage vampire slayer. Buffy is a comforter, or to be exact, Buffy is a new kind of comforter. It is made from eco-friendly eucalyptus, AKA koala’s favorite food, and coated in volcanic minerals. Yup. That’s right. Volcanic minerals. But not to worry. You won’t be poisoned because you are not going to ingest the comforter and neither will you cover yourself in shoot because, the volcanic minerals here are actually super lightweight fibers, said to be the lightest on Earth, that is seven times finer than an eyelash (the real ones, btw).

Buffy - Possibly The Lightest, Fluffiest Comforter Ever

Together with unique weaving techniques, the result is a comforter that is insanely light weight and soft, and incredibly fluffy that it feels more cloud-like than fabric-like. So, if you ever wonder how is it like to be covered in cloud, well, this is probably it – except that this thing here is designed to keep nice and cosy, not cold like if you were buried in the clouds. Now, the thing is, you probably (note: ‘probably’) can find such comforter in the market, but my best guess is, it will run you back in excess of 500 bucks, if not thousands of dollars.

Buffy - Possibly The Lightest, Fluffiest Comforter Ever

This is where Buffy stands out: it takes on the direct-to-consumer model which cuts the middle man, so you could enjoy the luxury of comfort without breaking the bank. We are taking about a price point of around $150, which is a sticker you’d find on pieces thrown inside bargain sale baskets in high-end malls. But, of course, with Buffy, you’d be getting the quality and comfort of high-end comforter. What’s more? In order to convince it is the best, Buffy is willing to let you, the customers, to try it for free before you drop your dollars for one. Well, that’s something you don’t hear everyday, do you? You can pick up more details over at Buffy product page.

Buffy - Possibly The Lightest, Fluffiest Comforter Ever

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