For nearly 70 years, households around the world look to plastic cling wrap to keep food fresh and away from nasty, invisible bacteria and we are still doing so, but why? Simply because, there are no alternatives, like maybe a lid that fits every possible shapes and sizes of containers or food. Well, that my friends, changes today. Meet UniLid, so named because it is an one-lid-fits-all universal lid. It is actually quite revolutionary. So much so that it might just relegate traditional plastic cling wrap (or just plastic wrap) as a bygone era invention.

UniLid One Lid Fits All Universal Lid by Two Pillars

True to its name, UniLid fits all container sizes, shapes and materials, from fruits to vegetables to pots, bowls and cups. You name it. Basically, what you use cling wrap on now, UniLid could take its place. Thanks to its contoured design, anything that it goes on, UniLid creates an airtight, no-spill seal to lock in the contents’ freshness and flavor.

Furthermore, it is freezer, oven and also microwave safe, and the stain and odor-resistant high quality silicone material uses to make the lid is BPA-free and FDA and LFGB approved. Each lid comes with a special dial to let you keep track of your leftovers in the simplest way possible. Perhaps most important is, UniLid is totally reusable. In fact, it is designed to be reusable, so you’d be doing less harm to the environment since you will not be generating plastic waste. So, watch out plastic cling wrap, cos’ UniLid is here to usurp you as the de facto keep-food-fresh solution.

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UniLid One Lid Fits All Universal Lid by Two Pillars

Well, it looks thousands of people are ready to ditch plastic cling wrap for UniLid, judging from the response the product is getting for its Kickstarter campaign which has pulled in over 8,000 backers who have contributed no less than $300,000 in funding. Needless to say, the campaign is well over its set funding goal. If you are down for a set, you may consider making a pledge of $15 or more to pre-order a set of five lids which will be fulfilled sometime in May 2018.

UniLid One Lid Fits All Universal Lid by Two Pillars

UniLid One Lid Fits All Universal Lid by Two Pillars

UniLid One Lid Fits All Universal Lid by Two Pillars

Images: Two Pillars.

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