XCLEA Hands-free Dust Collecting Robot Vacuum

For the longest time, robot vacuum was just a robot vacuum. And then, mopping function becomes a norm. And then iRobot broke new ground with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. But it was pricey. Very pricey. Thankfully, there is another option in the market and it is called, XCLEA Hands-free Dust Collecting Robot Vacuum.

XCLEA Hands-free Dust Collecting Robot Vacuum

XCLEA Tech is a Chinese company that will give iRobot a run for its money with its new robo cleaner. XCLEA will unload the dust it picked up into a self-emptying base with oversized dust bag and antibacterial system. It one up iRobot’s with mopping function.

Other notables include built-in 250 ml (8.5 fl.oz.) water reservoir, 3 levels of water flow, dual dynamic variable speed side brush, V-shaped roller to deep cleaning of grooves, advanced LDS4.0 LIDAR navigation and SLAM, 2,700 Pa suction power, works with voice assistants including Alexa and Google Assistant, and a built-in battery that affords up to 250 minutes of runtime and cleaning up to an area as big as 250 square meter (2,691 square foot).

Thanks to the advanced indoor navigation system, you can set smart room partition to isolate cleaning area as well as set “no-go zone”. Here’s how the navigation technology works:

“XCLEA can sense the environment and figure out an optimized cleaning routine instead of spinning around randomly. The LDS 4.0 LIDAR Navigation and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) Technology makes XCLEA the smartest ever just like a super-intelligent robotic “brain”. Utilize a various of detection sensor, infrared cliff, wall, collision sensors plus electronic compass, accelerometer, speedometer etc. XCLEA can 360° scan around to memorize its position and planned route, that can prevent it from falling down the stairs, get rid of common pitfalls, find its way out of trouble spots and keep all your valuables safe.”

Obviously, this new kid in the robo vacuum world is more what we have described. You can learn in depth about it over at Indiegogo where you can also pre-order the XCLEA Tech for as low as US$479.

XCLEA Hands-free Dust Collecting Robot Vacuum

All images courtesy of XCLEA Tech.