If only Steve Carell’s character, Evan Baxter had a small enough shaver like the EVO Shaver with him, he would have saved himself from the awkward situation of overgrowth facial hair at the meeting.

EVO Shaver The World’s Smallest Travel Shaver

OK. Maybe not. But you get the idea. No? Well, the idea is, EVO Shaver IS the world’s smallest travel shaver. Period.

Granted. At this time, traveling for any thing other than business is probably out of question, but you know you will want this shaver as part of your travel gear the next you get to travel.

EVO Shaver The World’s Smallest Travel Shaver

Heck, if you have raging hormones that results in rapid hair growth like Evan Baxter, this could come real handy. It is so small, it fits right into the front pocket of your jeans.

While it may be tiny, it is certainly not lacking in performance. For that, it has a 6,000 rpm motor, close cut mesh down to 0.07 mm and it is self-sharpening. It has a built-in battery good for 50 times on a single charge and it is rechargeable via a USB Type-C port. That’s right. USB-C, ON A SHAVER. Some phones don’t even have that.

EVO Shaver The World’s Smallest Travel Shaver

Finally, a safety lock ensures that this little guy don’t fire up indiscriminately while it is in transit. What can I say, it’s just Shaver Almighty? Never mind. Forget my lousy joke.

If you dig the idea (like, why not???), you can pre-order a unit from MicroNovelty’s campaign on Indiegogo for a starting price of US$29.

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All images courtesy of MicroNovelty.

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