OK. This comes as a news to me. Pardon me because, I have never attended festivals that required me to pitch a tent. I am talking about music festivals where cheap plastic tents are prevalent. The use of tents appeared to be harmless – that is after the festival ends. Festival goers tend to ditch their tents right there and then, thereby resulting in a pile of plastic waste that is hardly environmental-friendly. Understanding this, a Dutch company, KarTent, wants to change this and they intend to do so with KarTent, a temporary accommodation that is made out of cardboard.

KarTent Cardboard Camping Tent

KarTent is designed specifically to tackle this undesirable byproducts of festivals and unlike conventional tents, it requires no setting up. You order it, and these guys will come trotting to you with the tent, ready for you to use. Now, you must be thinking: cardboard is essentially paper-based and paper-based products are bad news when the sky decided dump some water from up above. Fortunately, this is part of KarTent’s consideration. The tents are made with wood fibers that would made them resistance to water somewhat. Not sure about hails though.

Here, have a look at the KarTent being put through some soaking paces:

Oh, you are free to use KarTent anywhere; not just festival. In that case, you can order yours online and have them shipped to you. It is available in two sizes: KarTent (€49.95, or about US$59) and KarTent Junior (€34.95, or about US$41) for your little ones. Oh, there’s even a version for your feline friend too (€14.95, or approximately US$18). Cool!

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KarTent Cardboard Camping Tent

KarTent may just be the solution festival organizers are looking for – if they have any consideration of the environment. As a user, you will should be thrilled with this prospect because, not only you get the shelter you need at the festival, you can customize the exterior by doodles and whatnot to liven the atmosphere. Now that we have the tent issue out of the way, it is time to look at straws…

KarTent Cardboard Camping Tent

KarTent Cardboard Camping Tent

KarTent Cardboard Camping Tent

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