The importance of umbrella in game of golf cannot be overstated. But it is just a goddamn umbrella, so you can get pretty much get any umbrella. Hell, you could use a cardboard even if you are not so much about elegance.

But why should you do that when you can pick up a positively reviewed brolly for $16.99-$29.99? Well, folks, such is the pricing you are looking at the Automatic Open Golf Umbrella.

Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

Billed as the ‘ultimate golf umbrella’, Automatic Open Golf Umbrella features a sleek design, comfortable EVA grip, a sturdy frame and auto open mechanism for ease of deploying. There’s absolutely no need to fight with the brolly to get it open.

And opening is not the only thing you don’t need to fight with. You have less fighting with wild gusts too – thanks to the double-canopy design that allows updraft to vent out from the top and thus, making it a whole lot easier to handle in harsh winds.

Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

The umbrella further features a robust fiberglass frame and an ultra water resistant 210T pongee fabric canopy that also offers SPF 50+ protection and chain stitched with nine stitches per inch to ensure durability.

Available on G4Free’s Amazon storefront for said price range, and in three sizes and a myriad of color options. We especially dig the Umbrella Corporation logo lookalike colorway because, it is so Resident Evil, ain’t it?

Images: G4Free.

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