You can’t really tell from the lone product image above, but that thing there is actually a bathroom ventilation fan with Bluetooth speakers and is the newest addition to Homewerks bath fan. In fact, it is the second generation to the first that was introduced back in 2013. The new model sports a sleeker aesthetic which hides a mold-resistant ventilation fan that generates 90 CFM of air current, Bluetooth stereo speakers and an energy efficient 12W LED light. Basically, it is the one electrical installation that will have your ventilation, audio and lighting needs covered. While we need air circulation and lighting, we can’t say the same for music, but if you happen to have the habit of listening to music when bathing, then this thing will save you a whole lot of hassle and plus, it looks a lot neater without separate fan, speakers and light.

Home NetWerks Bluetooth Bath Fan

The LED Light also touts nightlight mode by the way of a blue LED light, giving the bath a subtle glow for those midnight pee time. The Bluetooth fan automatically connects to paired device, such as your smartphone or tablet, when it is within a 30 feet range and the whole setup comes in a neat package where the speakers are integrated into the fan’s wiring, eliminating the need to recharge the speakers. All aspects of control to this three-in-one electrical installation is via a waterproof remote (a very sleek one, I must say) so can skip track, adjust the volume and such even in the midst of showering or from a multifunction wall switch. Home NetWerks Bluetooth Bath Fan retails for $159 and is available online and at The Home Depot.

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  1. Have 2 fan/lights and 1 controls the one. How do I unpaired them? Tried of on 5 times trick but does not work

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