If having clean attire is what matters even when you are out camping, then we think you may like the idea of Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer, a super compact portable washing machine that’s essentially human-powered. Standing at 22 inches tall, Drumi looks more like a space-age rice cooker or steamer than a washing machine and is designed to hold up to 5L of water, which should comfortably wash 6 or 7 pieces of clothing. The real draw here is of course, it operates without any form of electricity. It can wash as long as you have water, detergent and have the energy to pump the textured pedal to get the drum to spin. And yes, it has a drum to aid in better washing performance and it even has a detergent tray to hold up to 3 different detergents at a time.

Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer

There is a release valve hidden away under the washer, which at a press of a button located at the top of the washer, drains out the dirty laundry water. Once the water is out, you can continue ‘pedalling’ to wring some water our of your apparels so that they will be easier to dry when you leave out to air. The Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer is not only for campers, but it can be part of your home emergency gear for times when the power gets knock out and you still need to get the laundry done. If you are enamored by the idea, you can pick one up as a pre-order on Yirego website for $129 CAD (about US$107). Though it is worthy to note that delivery won’t happen until July 2016 and also, the said price is only good till June 29, 2015, 12AM (which presumably is Ontario time). After which it will run you back at $169 Canadian dollars (around US$140).

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Yirego via Gizmodo

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  1. Cool product, seriously over priced though…if it were about $50 I might consider one…but not for $140…I can wash with a plastic tub and a plunger for about $20…

    1. I agree about the price, I don’t know what they’re thinking…. If they made it cheaper (even like $75) they’d probably sell more & make more money…I think since it uses a foot pump it could be made a bit bigger to wash a couple extra pieces of clothing. I can easily wash that small amount with a hand plunger washer for free so why pay $140. The foot pump could work as both the wash and spin cycle..Put clothes in, let them soak for a while & use the foot pump for a few minutes while watching TV….. I do want something like this for an RV but not for $140.. For a bit more I could buy a mini RV electric washer/dryer combo..$140 would buy a person a decent regular used washing machine lol.

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